The Escort And Her College Tuition


Where there is a demand, a market exists. Apparently, this demand can exist anywhere at any time and when it does, it must be met with supply. But you see, society has been too judgmental to the point that some industries must thrive in secrecy. This defines the escort industry very well. The escort business has provided a way to make ends meet for hundreds of years. Here’s one college girl who agreed to talk to us about her experiences as an escort.

She says that she is still an active working girl, meaning that she still “escorts” clients who contact her. It’s an interesting job because she gets to meet different people (some are attractive while others are not), and she finds it very lucrative.

Secondly, because she is still a college girl she must find a way of paying her own school fees, and the escort business is very lucrative in terms of the income which she earns.

This is what she had to say when we asked about her experience as an escort in London.

Let’s call her Olivia for purposes of hiding her identity. She says that her first contact with a client happened on the web. Basically, escort websites will state that girls who feature there are compensated for the time spent with clients. By doing so, they are essentially making it clear that this is not a prostitution website

Anyway, Olivia has met with various clients while working as an escort. She says that most of her clients are males between the ages of 35-50. She remembers one instance that stands out from the rest.

This male client called her a week prior to their meeting. She got her contact from the web, and he was offering £80 for a date with her. This man also said that he would pay her £2000 every month if he liked her.

When Olivia agreed, the man told him which hotel to meet him at and at what time. When she arrived, they sat and had a few drinks at the hotel bar. The man suggested that they head to the elevator leading to his hotel room. There was a sense of nervousness in Olivia. Fortunately, the man was very reassuring.

Eventually, they got into the room and sat on the bed while chatting. This led to a kiss, and in a moment, the man pulled back and complemented her that he loved the way she was doing it.

‘’Let’s remove your clothes and see what else you can do best?’’ he suggested. So, Olivia nervously undressed to reveal her skimpy lingerie.

Olivia remembers hours of passion, and being tipped more than the amount agreed. This was the beginning of an enjoyable career path.

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